(Venezia 2 Aprile 1725 – Duchov 4 giugno 1798)

Live the experience of discovering Venice while visiting the places where Casanova had his adventures.

Giacomo Girolamo Casanova (Venice, 2 April 1725 – Duchcov, 4 June 1798) was an eclectic and complex character, not completely understood even today. He was an adventurer, writer, poet, alchemist, diplomat, philosopher and spy. But, above all, he was a great connoisseur of the feminine soul and the one who gave his name to the metaphor of being a seducer and libertine. An indomitable soul who, freely and joyfully, “would have gone anywhere the wind had taken him”.

In the world of courts and lounges, Casanova touched a moment of epoch-making change in history. Be taken now into a timeless moment and trace the events of this extraordinary man; daring and dissolute, hungry for culture, beauty and all that life could offer. Follow his life and experiences, his loves, travels and innumerable gallant encounters in the places where they actually happened. Let yourselves be guided through hidden lanes and squares, historical courtyards and buildings, and live the life of Casanova in the real Venice. A story that unfolds in the authentic scenes of his adventures, which bore witness to his alternating situations of fortune and fame.
Let yourselves be seduced by the story and ingenuity of this famous libertine, discovering the places and customs of that most morally depraved period of the thousand-year history of the city on the lagoon.